Dear Editor:

Savanna Knights of Columbus Council #890 will participate in the annual drive to raise funds for the intellectually disabled on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 21-22.

The Illinois Knights started this program 48 years ago and the drive involves over 330 councils statewide, raising over $2.8 million to benefit intellectual disabled citizens throughout the state.

Last year the local Savanna council donated $3,427 to Rolling Hills Progress Center and in the last 33 years the Savanna Knights have distributed over $72,602 to benefit the local intellectually disabled citizens thanks to the community’s support.

Governor J.B. Pritzker and Savanna Mayor Chris Lain have signed proclamations designating Sept 21-23 as “Help Intellectual Disabled Citizen’s Days.”

Members of the local council will be out in force in Savanna in an attempt to raise over $3,000. Please help by taking a Tootsie Roll and putting a dime, quarter or dollar in the canister of members collecting.

William Robinson


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