Dear Editor:

There has been much needed debate about the Davis Trust up to this point. It was disappointing to see the much whittled down version of the comprehensive plan the steering committee developed, even though the mayor informed the committee in our second meeting that "he believed the plan would be exactly what he already had in mind." Nevertheless, there was excitement about the health and fitness version developed.

Also exciting was FHN's (a strong financially stable partner) interest in incorporating some sports and injury rehabilitation into the plan. Partnering with FHN would have brought people to Mount Carroll from their entire network. Many would have stayed in town to get a bite to eat or fuel their car. A much needed sales tax income in lieu of always putting funding shortfalls on the taxpayer.

The talk about using Davis Trust or any city funds to build a $2.5 million facility for a private operation should give every taxpaying resident pause. For residents not paying attention — something I myself am guilty of at times — they should inquire and hold the council to task on just where all the funds are going.

When the wastewater treatment plant development was bid for a shingle roof and not the standing seam metal roof now installed, you paid for that extra cost. The taxpayer! There was no forethought about paving the park access after the demolition of the old water plant. Guess who paid? The taxpayer.

My point is these are a few taxpayer-funded missteps that impact the ability for other much needed improvements to be funded. Drive around the county and you will see smaller towns improving sidewalks, streets and downtowns. Why are these types of improvements not happening in our town at a feverish pace?

I am not advocating spending Davis Trust money for infrastructure improvements, however, a community center developed correctly not only provides for our community but supports ancillary perpetual revenue streams from our entire county and many others.

To the daycare issue, there should be no disagreement with the importance for a growing community to have a daycare or early learning facility that is clean and safe. The disagreement is allowing our public officials or government to fund the construction of a facility for private use.

If the childcare operators believe they have a business plan that makes sense for our community, they should purchase a piece of land or existing building and secure funding through the financial institutions. They could also seek funding through TIF, Business Development, Economic Development, and the many resources available for such projects.

When the mayor and any other government official attempts to spend your money, especially $2.5 million, they're picking winners and losers, a dangerous place to be.

Brian Krull

Mount Carroll