Dear Editor,

On the agenda for the Sept. 9 regular meeting of the Village of Thomson Board of Trustees will be new business items related to Public Act 101-0027, the "Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act," which was signed into law on June 25. This Act legalizes adult-use cannabis in the state of Illinois.

In order to comply with the Act, the Village of Thomson Board of Trustees must address the following important issues:

1. Zoning: Municipalities have the authority to prohibit or significantly limit the location of cannabis businesses by ordinance. An ordinance prohibiting municipal cannabis businesses within the Village of Thomson will be on the Sept. 9 agenda for discussion and/or adoption by the Village Board. If the ordinance to prohibit is not adopted, the Village Board must then decide the following:

2. Revenue: Municipalities may impose a Municipal Cannabis Retailers' Occupation Tax on adult-use cannabis products of up to 3% of the purchase price. This tax is in addition to already-existing sales taxes.

3. Consumption: Municipalities have the authority to allow for on-premise use of cannabis at locations to be determined locally.

Any change to the Village's current Zoning Ordinance that would restrict and/or limit the location and number of cannabis businesses will require a public hearing of the Thomson Planning Commission before it is recommended to the Board for adoption. However, the ordinance to prohibit municipal cannabis businesses and/or the Retailers Occupation Tax must be adopted by September 30, 2019.

This is a lengthy (600-plus page) bill, but the Illinois Municipal League has compiled an excellent Fact Sheet for those who would like to learn more at: <;

The Board of Trustees welcomes public input on these important decisions. The Sept. 9 meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. for those interested in attending. A sign-in sheet will be provided for anyone wishing to make a public comment. Robert's Rules of Order and proper Parliamentary Procedure will be observed.

Vicky Bealer Trager

Thomson Village President