Dear Editor:

I am writing to ask why the citizens of Thomson continue to accept the blatant display of vulgar language on their main thoroughfare.

I'm sure you all know about the house I am talking about. I live in Iowa, my family is in Freeport, so I pass through several times a year.

This is not about my politics or even the politics of the owners of this house. It's about common decency.

Not only indecent language being plastered for all the world, including young children, to see. It's also about common decency toward the leader of this country, whether you accept him or not.

Despite my feelings for the last occupant, it would never occur to me that displaying my feelings using the F-word in my front window would be appropriate, and I would expect my neighbors to object if I did such a thing.

Of course I would not, because I have class, something that your hateful resident on Rt. 84 does not.

Susan Arnold

West Branch, Iowa