Dear Editor:

I have had contact with Judge Kane in a variety of situations. They were as he was in several different positions.

My initial experience was as his first time as the Carroll County Public Defender. He also worked as a private defense attorney.

As a police officer for the city of Mount Carroll, I also found him to be well prepared to defend his clients. He was a formidable adversary.

Twice I needed the assistance of a personal attorney. Having knowledge of attorneys in the area, I chose Attorney Kane. I found his work to be prompt and efficient.

I later became a bailiff/courthouse security for Carroll County. I was often in the courtroom with Attorney Kane as he represented clients again as a private attorney, or his second time being Carroll County’s Public Defender.

Again, he was always well prepared and conducted himself in a professional manner. I also found him to be very knowledgeable of the law, reciting laws and cases from memory when questions arose.

Finally, I had the honor of working as bailiff when Judge J. Jerry Kane first took the bench as Associate Judge. He ran the courtroom like a veteran judge.

While working with Judge Kane, I saw how he prepared for upcoming cases. I also know that he has gained much knowledge by working with the Honorable Judge Val Gunnarsson.

Make your vote an investment in the future. By voting for Judge J. Jerry Kane for Resident Circuit Judge, Carroll County will benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Delbert Hockman

Mount Carroll