Dear Editor:

Weekly folks across the West Carroll School District have commented with a combination of fact and opinion, some true and some false, on the consideration of closing another attendance center in West Carroll.

As a taxpaying resident of the school district, I have been actively delving into the information that is readily available as well as the information that is not readily available. I have asked myself, as so many others, what is best for the children of our district?

The West Carroll School Board has permitted a special presentation at each of the next school board meetings on Feb 26, March 4 and March 18.

Unfortunately, the school board does not feel that the closure of yet another attendance center warrants its own public hearing, but folks will be allowed 10-15 minutes to present an overwhelming amount of information.

Follow-up time for questions and answers between the presenter, school board and the public will also be permitted. The presentations will evaluate West Carroll’s assets, educational needs and financial outlook.

If you can attend, please do so. In the meantime, please get engaged and do your homework.   

Tony McCombie