Dear Editor:

I remember 20 below zero days in January when walking down (East) Washington Street to junior high and high school in Mount Carroll, and later by various different routes to Shimer College. I think each was about one mile away.

I thought about you when I saw the NewsHour tonight (Jan. 31). In mention of the polar vortex there was mention of Mount Carroll.

Then I googled the www, found this wonderful digital source and rekindled all kinds of great memories of the people and events of Mount Carroll.

We lived in the Nathaniel Halderman house. Mary Boyd bought it from my mother after my father (Professor Robert E. Keohane, of Shimer College), died in 1974.

I see that Nathaniel Halderman was the first mayor of Mount Carroll. My brother's youngest son is Nathaniel "Nat" Keohane. Nat was interviewed in December by PBS on the Newshour about climate change and the environment.

John Keohane

Austin, Texas