Dear Editor:

While there has been little that was predictable about the course of the Wuhan virus pandemic, one predictable outcome was the Democrat caterwauling about President Trump’s supposed incompetence in confronting it.

Given a party saddled with a presumptive presidential candidate whose cognitive deficits are matched only by a long history of “hands-on” behavior with female subordinates, they had little choice than to attack the President regardless of the merits of their accusations. Better to take the initiative and attack than to face questions about their own actions.

When President Trump moved to limit travel from China on Jan 31, Biden denounced the action as “hysteria,” “xenophobia” and “fear mongering.” By April 3 he reluctantly came out in support of the travel restrictions. While President Trump was dealing with the impending crisis, Democrat gas bags like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were pursuing their farcical impeachment of the President and demanding further testimony to prolong the proceedings.

The Democrat debates showcased Democrat ideas for confronting the crisis while President Trump was actually doing so. The subject didn’t come up during the Feb. 19 debate at all, becoming a subject only at the March 15 debate. As Dave Seminara noted in the Wall Street Journal, Bernie Sanders misidentified Covid-19 as “the Ebola crisis” and Biden confused it with seine flu, then referred to Ebola as “what happened in Africa.”

Asked by Jake Tapper if he would call for a national lockdown, Biden responded, “What I would do is what we did in our administration. I would call a meeting in the Situation Room of all the experts in America dealing with this crisis. I would sit them down and I would do exactly what we did then. What is it that we need? Listen to the experts.”

Even state and local Democrats did little better. At ground zero of the pandemic, Andrew Cuomo’s idea of “social distancing” was to order every nursing home in the state to take Covid-19 patients, spreading the contagion to the demographic group most likely to die of it. New York City kept the subways running but closed off most of the cars, forcing the reduced ridership into close proximity, expediting the spread of the virus.

Given the track record of Democrat fecklessness and second-guessing, one must ask who the real incompetents are.

David E. Hanson