Dear Editor:

The election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House was historic taking 15 votes, after miscreant Matt Gaetz (FL) conceded to vote present, enabling McCarthy to win.

McCarthy, a Trump lacky, who once denounced the Capitol riot of January 6th, 2021, is a train wreck for those who care about democracy, protecting social programs and tax fairness. McCarthy conceded, who knows what, to the 20 MAGA crazies in the House who voted against him, until the 15th vote, late Friday evening, January 7th. This vote for the Speaker was unprecedented and hadn't happened for 100 years.

Meanwhile, McCarthy voted against certifying the 2020 election results and tried to block the investigation into the January 6th riot.

The Speaker fight was really a preview into what MAGA Republicans have in store for us for the next two years: endless chaos, and obstruction. Today, more than 70% of House Republicans are election deniers including every single member of House leadership.

Any policies they manage to pass will only help their corporate donors and advance their extreme agenda- including threatening our freedom to vote, criminalizing abortion, and attacking Social Security and Medicaid along with taking the government into default. Giving further tax breaks to the super rich will also be on their agenda.

For those in this readership area, who are dependent on Social Security, and Medicaid, be thankful that the Democrats have backed entitlement programs, or else your lives would be much worse off, with the loony bin Republican Party calling the "shots".

Grant Wiegert