Dear Editor:

Poison pen David Hanson said in a recent letter (“Problems with Social Security, Medicare” March 1-2 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal) that I didn't offer any suggestions to rein in federal deficits. Well, I do have a few thoughts on that.

One way the deficits could be narrowed would be to repeal the massive tax cuts given to the super rich during the Trump administration.

Why do the greedy mega-billionaires need this infusion of billions of dollars each year while the poor go hungry and face homelessness? Isn't it enough for the rich to own 10 homes and a 370-foot yacht?

Another idea would be to require all U.S.-based corporations to pay federal income taxes. Many corporations pay nothing because their tax lawyers and accountants find loopholes in the tax code.

Congress should also rein in the tax breaks given to oil companies which make billions gouging Americans with high gas prices.

Farm subsidies should be limited to farmers making $150,000 a year or less. Currently, many foreign-owned billionaire corporations and owners are reaping much of the farm subsidies doled out each year.

On another matter, Republicans in Congress should be called out for stalling safety measures aimed at the nation's railroads. I hope Congress can get legislation passed before a horrible train accident happens in downtown Savanna.

Paul Gale

Bradenton, Fla.

Paul Gale, formerly of Savanna, is now a resident of Bradenton, Fla., and a summer resident of Freeport.