Dear Editor:

I take issue with Dave Hanson (Nov. 27-28 letter to the editor) who first proclaims erroneously that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are Marxists. Ms. Warren was asked by one of the pundits in one of the Democratic debates if she was a socialist and she said, "No, I am a capitalist who supports regulations and that the rich 1% need to pay higher taxes." Sanders is a Democratic socialist who many years ago was the mayor of Burlington, Vt., and believes that there should be fairness in taxes paid and that there should not be the ridiculously large gap between the super rich and the poor.

Like it or not, we need to pay taxes to support basic public services that all enjoy whether rich or poor. I don't particularly like taxes, but I pay them and am all for accounting as to where the money is spent. I can't speak on the tax Mr. Hanson objects, to since I don't know the issue enough being a new resident. However when you pay a co-pay on your health insurance that is a tax that I prefer not to pay but I have to.

I would wager a large bet that most people who have health insurance through the companies they work for, or have to buy it outright, have seen regular increases in fees including co-pays, and have seen their benefits reduced. As, of course, insurance companies are out to make a profit and they always will be. Consumers will see insurance prices rise regularly and benefits reduced.

I would also bet that countries whose citizens have nationalized health services would not trade what they have for what we have in the states. Yes, there are flaws as Hanson mentioned, but if you did a straw poll asking any Brit would they change plans, I bet they would say no.

As far as paying for Medicare for All, one way to pay would be to reduce the bloated defense budget by 10% or more and eliminate wasteful fighter jets, eliminate nuclear weapons, and close down some bases throughout the world and bring those troops home. Another way would be to end the Trump tax cuts for the rich.

Meanwhile, we still don't know what happened to the 6 million dollars that sat on pallets in Iraq during George W Bush's presidency. That is one of many examples of money allocated to the pentagon and private contractors that disappeared into thin air or some Iraq officer's pocket.

Further, when Ronald Reagan was president, taxes for the rich were much higher then they are today. For so many on the right who worshipped Reagan, they seem to forget the wealthy did just fine paying the higher taxes.

One final point, Hanson might read Wendell Potter's book about how he was a toady for the insurance industry practicing snake oil public relations for years before he saw the light. Mr. Potter is one of the major proponents for Medicare for All and speaks out how he lied for the insurance industry for years.

Meanwhile, we can do better then the current Mafioso gangster president who has not changed the swamp and continues to look for ways to make money, violating the emolument clause on a daily basis while supporting some of the world's worst dictators because it is all about money for him.

Grant Wiegert