Dear Editor:

I strongly recommend Betsy Shaulis for Circuit Judge in Carroll County. I have known Betsy Shaulis for over 17 years. We were law school classmates at the University of Tulsa College of Law. We were in many of the same classes during law school.

I found Betsy to be incredibly diligent in her pursuit of the law while constantly showing compassion for her fellow law students. On many occasions, Betsy would lead study groups with other groups of law students and tutor others one on one.

After law school, I remained in constant contact with Betsy and find her to be a sharp, fair-minded and balanced attorney. I trust and know without reservation that her legal skills and knowledge of the law are exceptional. It would be a pleasure to appear in her courtroom. She is unrelenting in her work ethic and considerate of people regardless of their status, color, creed, and origin.

It is my pleasure to enthusiastically support Betsy Shaulis in her pursuit to serve the citizens of Carroll County as a Circuit Judge. I encourage your readers to support Betsy Shaulis for circuit judge this fall. It will be a vote for integrity you can trust.

Sean McConnell


Sperry, Okla.