Dear Santa:

I am writing to you about our jewel, the Mount Carroll District Library, partially built with funds in 1907 as an Andrew Carnegie Library.

Although I am a wee bit too old for Santa, my wish for him is for the proposed expansion of the library. Our librarian, Pam, and assistant, Diane, have made truly exciting additions other than standard reading and audio/visual programs.

My early experience with the library was non-existent until seventh grade. I grew up on a farm and could not meet library hours.

However, in seventh grade at Center Hill, my wonderful teacher, Melva Sparboe, whom later students in Mount Carroll knew as Melva Benham, recognized and nurtured my love of reading. She would go to the library every two weeks and bring me two or three books to read, which she continued throughout the year. She was a blessing to me.

Now I would ask all of you, organizations, residents, former residents and their relatives as well as anyone with a desire to help expand the library with additional space, ADA requirements, etc., to send in whatever you can to meet the $1 million-plus grant of the Illinois Public Library Construction Grant. We need a lot more, about $600,000.

So Santa, please keep the library in the generous minds of donors. Thank you.

Nancy Veith

Mount Carroll

Checks may be made payable to Mount Carroll District Library Rehab & Expand Fund and mailed to 208 N. Main St., Mount Carroll, IL 61053. To learn more, visit or contact Laurel Bergren at 815-291-6489 or