Dear Editor:

I write in response to American Legion Commander Ottens’ letter (Dec. 25-26 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal) concerning the display of American flags in Mount Carroll.

Sir, it was ME! It was my idea. I was the sole person urging that some of the flags be taken down so Christmas wreaths could be timely and adequately displayed.

It was never my intention to start a firestorm aimed at our council members and our mayor. It was never my intention to diminish the sacrifices all veterans make to protect us. It was never my intention to have the entire Beautification Committee maligned.

Mount Carroll is, in fact, my hometown. I am grateful to live in a country protected by the world's best military. When I see the flag at half-mast, I feel an instant chill.

I felt true despair in reading that a compromise — taking down some of the flags which had been displayed on Main and Market streets for seven months in order to begin the celebration of Christmas — is under attack.

Please do not condemn where no harm was ever intended. I simply wanted to begin my hometown's Christmas celebration minus the sad sight of "our" American flag snarled around Christmas wreaths.

Sharon Larsen

Mount Carroll