Dear Editor:

I retired from West Carroll CUSD #314 in 2017. I was the bookkeeper for West Carroll at the time of my retirement after 32 years in Savanna and West Carroll.

There is so much information out in the public about the West Carroll School Board’s thoughts about possibly closing the high school building in Savanna. The discussions are so great because the Savanna community is taking an interest in the school district.

I have been so sad that as school board members from the Savanna area left the school board, no one would run for these positions and someone had to be persuaded to be appointed. My hope is that the Savanna community now realizes how important it is to have a voice in the school district and when school board positions come open people will file petitions and run.

The part of this whole situation that makes me the saddest is that once the community starts taking an interest, discussions turn so negative. Instead of being happy that the community is interested in the school district, the school district begins to get angry, defensive and negative.

The community is negative, too. It all escalates to angry, hurtful words on both sides. How much better would it be if the community and the school board worked together for the benefit of the students of West Carroll?

I’m just guessing, but in my heart I believe that some of the reason that enrollment is declining in West Carroll is because of all this fighting. I’ve had so many people tell me that they moved or are going to move into a different school district because of the lack of cooperation of the school district. I just don’t see as much of schools fighting with their community in other districts.

I’m nobody to be asking this, but could we all just try to get along and work together? Let’s try working together to be the unified district we need to be.

Denise Noordhoff