Dear Editor:

This is a request to find out if there are former flute players over the age of 30 in Carroll County who would be interested in forming a small group to play together.

Practices would be held where there is room to be eight feet apart and we would wear our masks, unless we were at our music stands. If you got rid of your flute years ago, there will be flutes available.

Since James Galway will not be present, playing mistakes are not a big deal. The sense of joy, accomplishment and fun will be nurtured. Types and levels of music chosen will be based on the group's skill levels.

If you are interested, please send a letter with your contact information, experience (playing in grade school is fine) and time of day you are available to: RTT c/o Kay Davis, P.O. Box 205, Mount Carroll, IL 61053.

Personally, I started in 8th grade and will be 70 this year, having played often on. Thanks!

Kay Davis

Mount Carroll