Dear Editor:

Chuck Wemstrom's latest letter should have been headlined "Same old same old." (Next time, say yes to tax increase on rich, May 26-27 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal). The message is always the same: "the rich" don't pay "their fair share." Also the same: "the rich" remain undefined as does their "fair share."

If "working class and middle class Americans have decided that the rich need more money," why would Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer be pushing the repeal of President Trump's reduction of the state and local tax deduction (SALT)? Only the rich pay more than $10,000 in property taxes and presumably they don't need to deduct their property taxes from their federal taxes. The only purpose of the SALT deduction is to lower the taxes of the rich. Why would the neo-Marxist Democrat Party be pushing a tax cut for the rich?

Unlike Chuck, the majority recognized that a graduated income tax would provide an incentive for high income earners to decamp to states with lower or no income taxes while inflation would inexorably push low income earners into higher tax brackets.

Unlike Chuck, the majority also recognized that the proposed tax rate on lower income earners initially would be essentially the same as they were already paying. Again unlike Chuck, the majority noted that Pritzker made no promise not to raise taxes, while a graduated tax would lower the political price to be paid for doing so, thus increasing the likelihood of it happening.

If Chuck Wemstrom really wants higher taxes, why not propose a tax on union pensions rather than proposing unspecified tax hikes on undefined taxpayers?

David Hanson