Dear Editor:

There is a proposal in Springfield to create a new school district reorganization option.

This proposal recognizes that some school consolidations reach a point whereas the best path forward is to absolutely dissolve the last consolidation, permitting the previous districts to stand alone or realign as warranted by law to improve the educational environment for the participating students, parents, educators and communities.

Circumstances sometimes change:

•That make an absolute dissolution the best solution for all or a majority of the parties involved.

•That in a free society consolidated school districts must be free to disassociate and realign with new partners to remedy their situations.

•That continued consolidations or enlargements of already consolidated school districts, or loss of school buildings without recourse, are unethical and detrimental to the freedom to associate in ways that best serve the welfare and education of students while encouraging and growing the prosperity of the supporting parents and communities.

•That after more than 100 years school consolidations, this school reorganization option is due, necessary and proper.

Also, 532 members have joined the Retain All 3 West Carroll School Buildings Facebook group (formerly called Retain West Carroll High School in Savanna) and 732 people have electronically signed the Retain West Carroll High School in Savanna petition.

Gary "Scott" Law