Dear Editor:

My reason to vote for Joan Padilla for 71st District state representative: Joan’s passion to care for the community her entire adult life.

Joan spent 28 years as a dental hygienist in Sterling, building trusting relationships with patients of all ages by providing valuable health care services to them.

Joan is currently the executive director of the Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center in Dixon (7.5 year tenure to date). HOH provides vital support services to cancer patients and survivors of all ages and their families, along with providing cancer prevention services to the community.

Joan has been involved with the Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon for 14 years (as a trustee and a foundation board member). SVCC provides educational opportunities to all ages of adult students seeking to attain training certifications or two year and four year degrees which leads them to find rewarding careers.

Joan’s passion also leads her to fight for:

•71st District educational school funding, including a teacher minimum wage and teacher pay raises.

•71st District guaranteed women’s equal rights.

•71st District tax relief for working and middle class families.

•71st District educational, career and economic opportunities.

•71st District infrastructure funding.

Given Joan’s passion for caring for the community and leadership to fight to bring results to the community, Joan’s the ‘only choice’ for 71st state representative for the Nov. 3 election.

Alex Didato