Dear Editor:

Here we go again. According to the Center for Disease Control, just under 44% of the population of Carroll County is fully vaccinated against COVID 19 as of Dec. 26, 2021. (Source: Dec. 29-30 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat/Savanna Times Journal), and the risk of contracting COVID in Carroll County is “very high,” as of Dec. 30, 2021 (Source: Covid Act Now, an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity founded in March 2020 to determine the risk level of contracting the disease in various locations, also quoted as such in the Dec. 29-30 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat/Savanna Times Journal).

We can act to improve the odds for people in Carroll County, which has a high percentage of older individuals and an undetermined number of people with dangerous underlying conditions, both of which groups are more likely to become sicker and require hospitalization than the general population.

The simple way to act is to get fully vaccinated now. There is absolutely no science to support the theory that the vaccine is dangerous for the average person. The real reason people choose not to get vaccinated is because they do not want the “government” telling them what to do, and that they are “in charge of” their own bodies, and then they back it up with internet nonsense and conspiracy theories. In fact the government tells us what to do in ways that effect our bodies every day, like the seat belt mandate that has saved countless lives since its inception.

Choosing not to be vaccinated affects the lives of everyone in this county. The only way the virus can change and mutate is when it is in the body of an individual. So if you choose not to be vaccinated, become infected and spread that infection around, not only are others getting sick, but the virus has a greater chance to mutate in those sick individuals. So in the Spring we’ll have a gamma or omega variant.

Please stop thinking just of yourself and start thinking of those around you and where you want this county to be in the new year.

Carol Gloor