Dear Editor:

As an Advisory Board member of the Mount Carroll Community Foundation (MCCF), I would like to share with your readers a heart-warming note the Foundation received from donors who prefer we not mention their names.

“I am writing to let you know why our family chose to make a memorial gift to the Mount Carroll Community Foundation's Community Impact Fund. We have reached a phase in our life when giving a physical gift does not carry the meaning or message of caring we hope to convey anymore.

“So, we have decided to contribute financially to the causes, organizations or communities that mean or meant the most to our family and friends in their honor. We do this for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and sadly when we lose people close to us.

“We chose to contribute to the Mount Carroll Community Impact Fund recently when good friends from the Mount Carroll area passed away. These friends lived, worked and contributed to the community all of their lives. We wanted to ensure that their passion for the community lived on in Mount Carroll.

“We chose this fund because it is an endowment, a permanent source of revenue for the community now and in the future. By making our memorial gift to the Community Impact Fund, we know we honor our friends every time a grant is given to causes in Mount Carroll. We know our gift, along with gifts from others who care about Mount Carroll, will support Mount Carroll now and into the future.

“Thank you for the opportunity to honor our friends through the Mount Carroll Community Foundation Community Impact Fund.”

This letter highlights why I'm involved with the MCCF. It gives people the opportunity to give something back to a town that has positively impacted their life or the life of a loved one.

The MCCF runs a special Memorial Section in the Mirror-Democrat the week of Valentine’s Day to honor those whose lives and special interests have been memorialized through donations in their name to the MCCF.

Donations must be received before Jan 30, 2019, to be included in this year's Memorial. Mail donations to the Mount Carroll Community Foundation, P.O. Box 123, Mount Carroll, IL 61053, or call us at 1-844-550-4100 if you have questions.

Mary Ann Hutchison

Advisory Board Member

Mount Carroll

Community Foundation.