Dear Editor:

If, as we say, our primary goal is the education of our West Carroll students, I would ask that any (and all) of Mike Bicksler's comments at last evening's (Jan. 11) school board meeting not be dismissed lightly.

His proposal, as a high school social studies teacher of 12 years at West Carroll, was that there needs to be an additional required class added to the curriculum for graduation requirements.

In short, a Modern History class is needed, given the changing nature of history/current events today and ever-increasing state mandates that require a broader spectrum of curriculum. As it is, current scheduling either waters down or omits what he can teach within a given time frame.

When Mr. Bicksler proposed this two years ago, he was given a negative answer. When he proposed this last evening (Jan. 11), he was told to "take some time" to think this through. He was told we want our students to graduate "on time," and told this course might not make that possible if required.

As a point of information, many high schools in Europe are a 5-year course of study. As a host parent of 10 foreign exchange students, I will say the extra time in school makes those students more aware of not only their own history (past and present) but ours as well.

Like it or not, West Carroll is part of a global society. We do our students (and our nation) a disservice when we sacrifice their learning potential so they can "graduate on time"!

We owe Mr. Bicksler a huge debt of gratitude for putting this proposal before the board. Thanks to all teachers who put their students first!

Beth Bower

Argo Fay

Community member of West Carroll CUSD #314