Dear Editor:

Does West Carroll need three attendance centers… is the question we should be asking.  Schools are a part of community and education is instrumental in our growth and development.  A facility study recommending the closure of the high school has been made public, but the plan on how it would work has not been made public.

I acknowledge and agree on some points in the facility study. To name a few, I acknowledge and agree that enrollment is declining and will go even further to state that there has been an overall population loss (Per U.S. Census Population Changes: 2010-2017: Savanna -2.3%, Thomson -11.7%, Mt Carroll -14.%).

I acknowledge and agree that the eight remaining life and safety issues must be addressed at WC High School (Janitor’s Closet – Replace the non-rated doors and frames - $22,000. Utility Room – Extend concrete block wall - $1500. State/Weightlifting – Add wall mounted handrails (2) - $1500. Main Entrance Sidewalk – Repair - $2000. Art Classroom – Install plaster trap at sink - $500. Storage Room – Replace light fixture - $500. Various Locations – Provide appropriate wiring and raceways - $3600. Storage Under Stage – Install heat detectors -$1800).

I acknowledge and agree that maintaining three buildings compared to two buildings is more costly. But I must ask, at what cost?  Is 1-5% of the budget enough for you to consider compromising the education of our future leaders?

Tony McCombie