Dear Editor:

Although this is a long time in coming, I would like to thank several groups involved from last September's West Carroll Middle School sixth grade community service project.

As has become tradition the last several years, the West Carroll sixth graders have gone to Massbach Ridge Winery to harvest grapes and, in turn, the money that is raised through the work of the teachers, bus driver, and students is then donated to the Savanna Food Pantry.

This year the winery donated $200 on behalf of the West Carroll 6th grade's work.

I apologize for the extended delay in this thank you, but many factors beyond our control have caused the delay in completing this project.

I am happy to report that the payment has been made and the Savanna Food Pantry was very happy to receive this donation during this time of great need.

Once again, thank you to all involved: the former sixth grade Students, teachers, Jeff Davis, and the Massbach Ridge Winery Staff. It was a job well done!

Stay safe and be kind!

Bill Timm

6th grade teacher (retired)