Dear Editor:

My father was subject to going to Normandy. I received a draft notice to go to Vietnam. The draft meant you showed up and took your vaccination shots so as to stay healthy in war. Currently, we are in a war called Covid. The origins are unimportant. What is important is how we as Americans join together to fight it.

Currently 60% of our citizens have gotten their vaccinations to fight this war. They have listened to the “generals” on the ground. These generals are the FDA, the CDC, the AMA, our world-renowned health clinics and the family doctor.

Unfortunately, 40% of our population has not gotten vaccinated. They prefer to listen to the war profiteers who spread lies and suspicion. They have demonstrated to our enemies that there is no patriotism in America anymore.

Many are spoiled, self-centered, disrespectful adults. They shout and intimidate others about their freedom but forget that their freedoms were won by the sacrifice of others who took their shots. If this were a deliberate biological virus attack on our nation, they have joined the enemy to promote the virus, its mutations and death.

As Americans, we have always asked patriots to step up and do what their country asks in times of war. It is not as though we are making them go to Normandy or to the jungles of Vietnam. A patriot wears a mask, a patriot gets vaccinated, a patriot social distances. These are the weapons we have to win this war for the future of our country.

Maybe the 40% will reflect on what others have done for them and get vaccinated. I can only hope.

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” — JFK 1961

Gerald Bates

Bradenton, Fla./Mount Carroll