Dear Editor:

I would like to address the “Concerned Citizens of the West Carroll School District.” After reading the ad published two weeks ago (Jan. 29-30 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal) “Advantages/Considerations for Relocating West Carroll High School,”, I felt compelled to reach out and encourage all concerned to, please, start attending the school board meetings. There is a wealth of knowledge being shared at these meetings.

A few weeks ago, our school board allowed the public to participate in a “walk through” of all schools and the district building. Did our “concerned citizens” attend? It was informative and fact-finding. After all, “facts” are what we as community members of the West Carroll School District should be focusing on. The outcome will affect the education and future of our children, and the economic growth of our area.

As “concerned citizens,” if you are not comfortable being in attendance to public meetings, please, do some research on your own; the information is out there. West Carroll (Mount Carroll, Thomson, Savanna), we need to work together and use our time being productive for our children, our educators and our communities.

Ads such as the one published by “Concerned Citizens of the West Carroll School District” are creating confusion and inhibiting our communities from working towards a solution that will improve our district, not break it apart.

In regards to the article Mrs. Kilpatrick submitted in last week’s paper (Feb. 5-6 MD/TJ), it’s my opinion that our school board members should refrain from publishing such newspaper articles. In her position as a school board member, she should remain objective when considering and representing facts.

So, “Concerned Citizens of the West Carroll School District,” don’t get discouraged. I again encourage you to attend the school board meetings, listen and educate yourself with facts. Let’s be a positive force and remain confident that with community involvement, our school board will reach a decision that is “educationally sound and fiscally responsible.”

Christine Sullivan