Dear Editor:

Blackhawk Hills wishes to make a clarification in the U.S. Census news release we provided the Carroll County Mirror-Democrat and Savanna Times-Journal that was published June 17-18.

In 2020 the U.S. Census Bureau has been using a different statistic than the one we showed MDTJ readers to compare performance to the 2010 effort. It is the "Final Self Response Rate," where our provided analysis used something called "Participant Rates.”

Participant Rates are based only on a smaller set of households who return the forms mailed to them, while Final Self Response Rates are a more broad representation and subsequently are a more valid comparison to this year's effort.

Our comparisons provided at had used this more imprecise measure, but will now show results next to the Final Self Response Rates instead.

This clarified measure shows a less alarming comparison, although we still hope to see higher results due to the new convenience of the online response available at

Make sure you are counted; your voice matters.

Andy Shaw

Blackhawk Hills Regional Council