With the successful passing of the referendum last night (Tuesday, March 20), the West Carroll Board of Education must balance the desire to make significant changes immediately with the duty of being good stewards with the additional revenue to ensure long-term sustainability of the district. We do not want to rush into poor financial decisions that will result in the district being in a similar situation just a few years from now.

That being said, the Board of Education made some reductions and transfers of staff tonight (Wednesday, March 21) to ensure we do not deplete our cash reserves before the new tax money arrives in July of 2019.

In the meantime, the Board of Education will work with administration and staff to make sure we are compliant with IDEA regulations, graduation requirements, and our collective bargaining agreements. We will strive to establish equitable salaries for our staff in the coming months as a part of the new collective bargaining agreements.

Because of the referendum's success, the Board is not considering eliminating the transportation of students who live within 1.5 miles of an attendance center, extra-curricular activities, course offerings, or technology upgrades in the immediate future.

The Board of Education is working to complete a three-year strategic plan that will outline how the future funds will be spent. The plan will establish goals and safeguards that will guide the West Carroll School District to where we want to go, but in a fiscally responsible way.

A different West Carroll is coming. Planning for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond has begun. The Board of Education is determined to make sure this financial gift is not mishandled.

The West Carroll Board of Education